Call NHS 111 for when it’s not an emergency, but you need medical help fast

Call NHS 111 for when it’s not an emergency, but you need medical help fast

Urgent care services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland are changing to better support people who feel their need is urgent, but are not in an emergency situation where they need an ambulance.

Local leaders in the NHS, social services and the voluntary sector have developed a new way of providing urgent and emergency care, which is joined up and centred around the needs of patients and family carers.

A network of Urgent Care services, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, can now be accessed through one telephone number – NHS 111.

By calling NHS 111 it’s quick and easy to access the urgent care services which you need. It is free to call and, patients who need it will be supported by an expanded team of clinicians. With your consent, information on your past care and needs will be shared so that the team dealing with your care know you as a patient, and your experience is improved.

When you call, you will be asked a number of questions, so we understand your needs.

If, when you have explained your needs we feel you need to talk to a nurse, a doctor, a pharmacist, someone from the mental health or social care service or another health professional – you will be directly and quickly passed through to a new service called the Clinical Navigation Hub – where the people who provide clinical support are there to help.

After a conversation with you they will either offer you advice and guidance to care for your condition yourself or refer you to the right service and care that best suits you –they might arrange a home visit, or they might make an appointment for you at a walk-in clinic or primary care hub.  Whatever the face to face care and treatment you receive – it will be the most suitable one for you.

Of course, if we feel you are a 999 emergency then an ambulance will be dispatched immediately.

Another thing people aren’t often aware of is that you should call 111 for help with a mental health crisis as well as for urgent physical care needs.  They can refer to mental health support services as well as other healthcare services, again often being able to make immediate appointments for you and can help you and your loved ones get the care you need.

So, if you are feeling unwell or have an accident, at any time of day or night, call NHS 111 – the fast and easy way for you to get the right help, whatever your health needs and whatever the time of day or night.