Support us to spread the word, not the flu

Please help us to spread the word and not the flu this winter by encouraging the people in your local area and community to get protected. Your support could help us to save a life this winter.

 Having the flu jab is one of the most important actions that people can take to protect their health. People think flu is just like a bad cold, but in the East Midlands in 2015 15 people died due to influenza and 260 died in England. These figures are likely to be much higher because many more people die from complications caused by flu, such as pneumonia.

We believe that by increasing the uptake of vaccination across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland in 2016/17, we can improve the health and wellbeing of the local population and reduce numbers attending both primary care and A&E with flu and flu-like symptoms.

Flu is not just a bad cold – it can be extremely serious, even if you’re already fit and healthy when you catch it. For those who already have a long term health condition, are pregnant or are over 65, it can be even more dangerous as your body will struggle more to fight off the illness and you are more at risk of complications such as bronchitis or pneumonia. Children are also more at risk.

We recognise that many people have legitimate concerns about the jab and a number of myths have been circulating over the years. So, we are asking for your help in challenging some of these myths, and encouraging the people eligible in your community get the flu jab.

  • How you can help us

    We’ve created a fact sheet to help you which has some of the key myths that we hear most regularly. The responses will help you to reassure everyone and allay their fears. We’ve also got posters you can print out and share, maybe in your local supermarket or community centre and a newsletter article you could put in your local magazines. You can download these assets by clicking on the links on the right of the page.


    • Every person that you share the flu message with counts
    • Do you know a great place in your community where you could put up a poster?
    • Is there a local Parish newsletter or magazine that would be willing to support us with an article?
    • Are there any websites that could help to spread the flu message?
    • Get the flu jab yourself if you’re eligible! Only then can you be sure that you’re not carrying the virus and passing it on to people at risk from flu.
  • Summary Care Records

    Another way to protect yourself this winter is to enhance your Summary Care Record (SCR). You will already have a core SCR that includes what medicines you are taking, any allergies you suffer or any bad reaction to medicines.  You can choose to add other information to your SCR so that if you have to be treated by other health professionals, they will be able to access information more quickly enabling them to make better and safer decisions about your treatment. Ask at your GP practice while you’re getting your flu jab, and they can give you more details. And if you’re talking to people about the flu jab, remind them to update their SCR at the same time.