Self Care Week 2017: Children’s Health

Top tips for taking care of common childhood illnesses

It’s normal to worry when your child is ill and we have brought together a range of  advice on common problems including coughs and colds, fever, upset tummies, rashes and bumps, bruises and falls, to help you know what to do.

“Parents are usually good at noticing when something is wrong. It’s upsetting when your child is unwell and it’s normal to worry. What we often find is that parents are very capable of looking after minor illnesses and injuries themselves, but they just lack the confidence to do so.

We would never discourage parents from seeking medical attention but we want parents to feel able to care for their child at home when it is appropriate to do so. If you learn the basics, such as how to spot the signs of serious illness and know when you can treat your child yourself and when they need medical attention, you will find it easier to cope.

If you are worried you can call NHS 111 at any time of day or night. They can advise you, refer you on to any health services needed and they can even call an ambulance for your child if necessary.”

Dr Tony Bentley, GP and clinical lead for children’s health for Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group.


Please see the Downloads section on the right, for a series of factsheets giving practical advice, such as how to recognise when you can care for your child yourself and when they might need medical attention.


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