Self Care Week 2017: Long term conditions and mental health

In the winter, the weather conditions can change quickly. Reacting to these changes can be more difficult if you are older or you are trying to manag a long term condition. By planning ahead, you will help to protect yourself.

Repeat prescriptions
It would be a good idea to ask your GP to prescribe some extra medication so that you can keep some as spare in case you are unable to go out. Many pharmacies now offer a prescription service. You can arrange for them to collect your prescription from your GP practice and prepare your prescription. Some will even deliver it to your home. There may be a small charge for this but if you find it difficult to get
to your GP practice, then it may be worth considering.

You can also arrange to leave your repeat prescription with a community pharmacy during the winter months. When they deliver your prescription they will ask you what you will need next time and request it from your GP practice for you.

Remember to take your regular medication with you if you plan to go on holiday or visit family and friends.

Weather warnings
The Met Office provides the weather forecasts for broadcasts on radio and TV By listening to these bulletins regularly you will keep up-to-date . with the weather and it will be easier to prepare. Severe weather w rnings are also issued on the Met Office website .uk, through their Twitter feed or you can ring the Weather Desk on 0870 900 0100.

Food supplies
Keep in a good supply of tinned and frozen foods so that you don’t have to go out too much if it is cold or icy. Yo could ask a neighbour if they would pick some things up for you while they are out. Most people would be happy to help if asked.