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Self Care Week 2017: Caring for Others

You are a carer if you are looking after someone else because of age, illness or disability. This could be your spouse, partner, parent, another relative or a friend. You may not think you are a carer. ‘Hidden’ carers care for their family or partner as part of everyday life and may not know about the help available.

It is important that you remember to look after your own health and make sure you are cared for too. The advice you find here may also help you to do that. Make sure you do not miss check-ups and health appointments.

If you are unwell, it will make it more difficult for you to carry out your caring role as well as you would like to.

Being a carer is hard work . You may face issues you may not have had to deal with before and it can be hard to adjust to having someone dependent on you for support.

Being a carer can mean major changes in your life as well as the life of the person you are caring for. You may need to make practical changes with adaptations and improvements to your home such as bath rails or making a home suitable for wheelchair access.

If you feel under pressure there are people who can help:
• Let your GP practice know you are a carer so they can support you by looking after your health.

You are not alone. Ask for help. Talk to your GP or Leicester City Council Customer Services. They will be able to guide you to:

• A carer’s assessment is a way of finding out what help you need with caring and will help you to maintain your own health and wellbeing along with your life, work and family commitments. Contact Leicester City Council’s Adult Social Care team on 01 16 454 1004 to ask for more details. Alternatively talk to your GP.

• Financial support may be available.

Take a look at these useful videos:

Who is a carer?

What is a Carer’s Passport?

Information video from the Carers Trust – Are you a carer?

Looking out for others this winter – Video about carers and caring for others so they stay well this wonter

There are websites that offer useful advice for carers. These include:
and websites devoted to specific conditions such as:
and many more.

CLASP – the Carers’ Centre can also offer lots of advice or support to people in a caring role. Telephone 0116 251 0999.

Could you be a winter buddy?

A winter buddy is someone who can help make the winter months a bit easier by keeping an eye out for someone who is vulnerable because of age, disability or ill health.

Being a buddy can mean watching for signs that might indicate that people need a bit of help. Simple things like popping round for a cup of tea, checking they are warm, that their heating works, that they have enough to eat and drink and they know who to contact if they feel unwell, could make a big difference. You can also offer help with practical tasks such as shopping or collecting prescriptions.

We have produced a Winter Buddy Checklist with tips and questions, as well as an overview of the help that is available, including services for Leicester City residents.

You can download the factsheet on the right of this page.



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