Make the right call this winter

Make the right call this winter

We’ve all ended up in sticky situations before, where we didn’t make the right call. Maybe you didn’t check the dress code before going to a party and came in fancy dress when nobody else was. Or got dressed in the dark and didn’t realise until you got to work that you had two different shoes on. Everybody has been there, and we all know that feeling of wishing we’d made the right call, first time.

One of the most important times you need to make the right call is when you need immediate healthcare, particularly when your GP practice is closed. Fortunately, the NHS has made that easy for you. If it’s not a 999 emergency, but you need medical help fast, NHS 111 is there to support you.

When you do call 111, the person on the other end of the phone will start by asking some questions about your condition, so they can understands what you need.

If they think that you need to talk to a clinician then they will arrange for you to speak to a nurse, doctor or another health care professional. They will be able offer advice and guidance to support the patient to care for your condition yourself, or to refer you on to the right service and care that best suits you. This may be a home visit, or they might make an appointment for you at an urgent care centre or primary care hub.  If it is an emergency, they can also dispatch an ambulance.

So by making one right call, you can get through to the people who will make sure that you get the right care, first time.

Find out more about NHS 111 and the service which it offers here.